Chapter 3 Section 2 Notes “New England Colonies”


New England Colonies

Religious Freedom – Many people in England were persecuted for their religious beliefs.
1.  Separatists – wanted to separate from the Church of England and set up their own church.
A.  Separatists were persecuted in England and some fled to the Netherlands for religious freedom.
B.  Separatists make arrangement with the Virginia Company to go to Virginia and worship freely but would give a portion of profits to the company.
C.  Separatists (Pilgrims) and others board Mayflower in 1620.
D.  Land in Plymouth (Mass) in December 1620.
E.  William Bradford is their leader.
F.  They sign the Mayflower Compact (laws, loyalty, & governing body).
G.  Squanto & Samoset befriend colonists and teach them to hunt & fish.
H.  The following year is the first Thanksgiving with Pilgrims & Indians

2.    Puritans – wanted to change or reform the Church of England.
A.    King Charles persecuted Puritans.
B.    1629 Puritans form the Massachusetts Bay Company
C.    John Winthrop is chosen as governor and leader.
D.    1630 Puritans (900) land in Massachusetts Bay and settle Boston.
E.    15,000 Puritans journey to Massachusetts for religious freedom (Great Migration)
F.    Puritans had little toleration for other faiths

3.    Roger Williams – minister who believed people 1-should worship as they please, 2-Indian lands should be bought and not taken, 3- church and government should be separate.
A.    Williams is forced to flee and establishes Providence in Rhode Island
B.    People were allowed to worship freely and everyone could vote.

4.    Thomas Hooker – minister who is upset with Puritans and their laws.
A.    Led his followers through the wilderness and establishes Hartford, Connecticut.
B.    Sets up Fundamental Orders of Connecticut –  First written constitution in America.

5.  Anne Hutchinson – questions the religious authority of colony’s ministers.  She is forced to leave and settles in Rhode Island.

6.  Conflict with Native Americans – King Philip’s War – Metacomet (King Philip) Wampanoag Chief attacked settlers killing hundreds of settlers.  Settlers fight back and defeat Wampanoag people.  Destroyed power of Indians in region.

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