Chapter 3 Section 3 “The Middle Colonies”

Chapter 3 Section 3 – THE MIDDLE COLONIES

NEW YORK – 1664 Dutch control New Netherlands & New Sweden (New York & New Jersey).

  1. Charles II gave his brother, the Duke of York, title to the area from Connecticut south to Maryland.
  2. When English arrive in New Netherlands, the Dutch give up land to the English.  New Netherlands & New Amsterdam are renamed New York in honor of Duke of York.  Dutch retain language, customs & culture.
  3. Duke of York gave southern part of his colony to John Berkeley and George Carteret who rename their portion New Jersey.

PENNSYLVANIA – (1681) William Penn is a member of Quaker religion (pacifists).  Asks king for land in America.  King owed his father a large debt.

  1. William Penn designs Philadelphia & it becomes main city (city of brotherly love) & writes own constitution
  2. Settlers from many countries come to Pennsylvania to worship

DELAWARE – Southern part of Pennsylvania breaks off to form Delaware.

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