Students will be doing a short summary of current events going on in the world.  These do not have to be just social studies related.  Anything that is significant or affects a lot of people would be considered important.  Students will hand these in every two weeks (usually on Friday).  These current events should be current, within the last two weeks, or still ongoing if they happened earlier.  When students have completed the half page summary, they then need to write a summary sentence explaining why this is important and how it affects us.  If students can not answer that summary sentence, their current event is probably not a significant event.   It is important that our students understand what is going on in the world and how these events effect us now and in the future.  Sources for current events include the internet, news, magazines, newspapers, radio and other sources.

Below is listed the guidelines for current events.

1.  1/2 page summary in your own words of a current event.

2.  Must be significant, important or affect a large group of people.

3.  Must have a summary sentence explaining why this is important or how it affects us.

4.  No sports

5.  No local news (unless it affects more than just Star Valley)

6.  It will be worth 40 points.

7.  Due every two weeks.


Current Events Guide


You have to learn the past to understand the present.

Current is defined as occurring in or belonging to the present time  (within the month). One of our focus points this year will be to examine what is happening right now in the world and try to make connections to the past, present and ourselves.

We will primarily focus on history, which is important because it helps us learn from the past, understand the present, and help shape the future.  This assignment puts those events in a broader context~ “How do current events affect our lives’ today and in the future?”

Current Events Assignment – (Due every two weeks)

Current Events should focus on events that affect a large group of people, are significant to the country/world, or will impact the future. 

Current relates to events that have just recently occurred or are still ongoing that are still impacting many people.

Articles about individual people or events that affect a small number of people are generally not acceptable.

Certain topics are NOT allowed: Sports, Entertainment, Crime, Editorials (Opinions).

When you are writing your Current Events you should include the following:

  • Write a brief summary in your own words of the current event (what happened, where did it happen, when did it happen, who was involved?)
  • What are your thoughts about the event? What is your opinion?
  • Why is it significant or how does it affect you/the country/the world or a large group of people?


The Current Event should be at least ½ page hand written (not typed).  Anything less than ½ page will not be accepted.  You should be able to explain in your own words what the current event is about and why it is significant.

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