Accelerated Reader (A.R.) is a program used by this school to promote reading and comprehension.  Students can read books from the library and then test on them to earn points.  The tests are developed to measure comprehension of the books read.  Most classes at Star Valley Middle School require students to read A.R. books and earn points.

In U.S. History we require each student to read two books per quarter.  One is a historical fiction (novel), the other is a U.S. History non-fiction.

The historical fiction (events are accurate but a fictional character) books correspond with the same time periods we are covering in class.  There are lots of books to choose from.  The time period of the 1st semester is from Native Americans – 1830.  2nd Semester books will cover the time period from 1830-the present.  Students will find a variety of books to choose from that interest them and help them better understand what life was like and the events of that particular time period.  Each historical fiction book is worth 100 points and the student is given the same number of points as their percent of which they score on the test.  For example, if a student gets 80% on a test they will receive 80 points.  If students are unhappy with their score, they can read another book and test and I will give them the highest score they receive.

The U.S. History non-fiction books deal with historical events, people, places, and other things dealing with U.S. History.  There are hundreds to choose from.  The non-fiction books are scored a different way.  Each non-fiction book is worth 50 points and if the student receives 70% or higher they receive all 50 points.  Students can read as many book as needed in order to get 70%.

Remember students must read one of each book per quarter (two total books per quarter)

These books also count toward books that must be read in English.  In English students must read at least four novels and four non-fiction.  Each book read for U.S. History will also count toward these books in English.

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