Chapter 4 Test Review


Know the following:

1.    What were the Navigation Acts and why were they passed?
2.    What type of farming was practiced in New York?
3.    What was the most profitable cash crop in South Carolina and Georgia?
4.    Why did England want colonies in North America?
5.    What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1763?
6.    What was the Plan of Union, what was its purpose, who thought it up?
7.    Who fought in the “Seven Years War”?
8.    Which Native American recognized the British settlers were a threat to Native Americans’ way of life?
9.    What was the religious revival that swept through the 1730’s and 1740’s?
10.    What was the Middle Passage?
11.    Which British commander was sent to conquer the French in the Ohio Valley?
12.    What was the “Tidewater”, and the “Backcountry” in the Southern Colonies?
13.    What labor was used primarily in the South?
14.    Where was most of the shipping trade located in North America?
15.    What type of farming was practiced in New England?
16.    Which commander changed Britain’s fortune in the war with France?
17.    Where was the first college in the U.S.?
18.    What was the Iroquois Confederacy?
19.    What was the Glorious Revolution?
20.    Where did most of the German immigrants settle?
21.    What lands did Spain receive and why?
22.    What was the Enlightenment and who exemplified it?

Know the following people and what they did:
Jeffrey Amherst        Pontiac            Edward Braddock
William Pitt            Benjamin Franklin    William and Mary

Know the definitions to the following words:
Slave codes            cash crop        militia
Enlightenment            subsistence farming    Great Awakening

Short Answer
1.    What land did France give up in North America?
2.    How did the Southern and Northern economies differ?
3.    Why did the French get along better with the Native Americans?
4.    Know the three types of Colonial Governments and who held the most power in each.
5.    What did the Proclamation of 1763 do and why did it upset so many colonists?

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