Know the definitions to the following words:
quipus archaeology adobe
terraces pueblo federation
culture hieroglyphics theocracy
nomad carbon dating artifact
Know the following:
1. Who were the Aztecs, where did they live, and what did they do?
2. What was the land bridge called that the first Native Americans crossed into North
America and what two places did it connect?
3. The discovery of what food turned nomads into farmers?
4. What did the Mayan people create that we still use today, dealing with astronomy?
5. What was the capital of the Aztecs?
6. What did the Aztecs and Mayas organize their societies around?
7. Which was the largest of the early American civilizations in South & Central
8. Know the three tribes that were considered part of the “Mound Builders”.
9. What was the largest settlement of the Mound Builders?
10. Who chose the members of the Iroquois League?
11. Why did the Anasazi build cliff dwellings? (2 reasons)
12. Where did the Maya, Aztec & Inca live?
13. In the 1500’s what changed the Indians way of life forever?
14. What was the title of the leader of the Inca and who was he a descendant of?
15. What did agriculture allow early Americans to do?
16. Where is Machu Picchu and which tribe built it?
17. What was the main food source for the Plains Indians?
18. Which civilization built stone paved roads over mountains to connect cities?
19. According to the Inca, what did the Sun God enjoy?
20. Where is Tenochtitlan and which tribe built it? What present day city now stands
where Tenochtitlan once stood?
21. Which group of Native Americans wore sealskin?
22. What was the main food source of the Northwest Coast culture?
23. Which culture region used tepees?
24. How did the Iroquois promote peace?
25. Which Native American tribe required human sacrifices?

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