“North American Peoples”
1. Where did the Hohokam live?
2. When did the Hohokam culture flourish?
3. Where did the Anasazi live?
4. What is a pueblo?
5. Why did the Anasazi build cliff dwellings? (two main reasons)
6. Why do historians believe that the cultures of Mexico and Central America
influenced the people living in the north known as the Mound Builders?
7. Using the map or reading on page 18 list the three groups known as the
Mound Builders.
8. Fill in the blanks. “The Hopewell built huge _______________ ________________ in
the shapes of ___________________, _____________________, and ________________________.”
9. What was the largest settlement of the Mound Builders?
10. What is the largest serpent effigy mound in the United States called?
11. Give three facts about the Inuit people.
12. What was the main food source for the peoples of the northwestern coast?
13. What two tribes were located in the Plateau Region?
14. Name two recent tribes located in the Great Basin Region.
15. Give three facts about the “Peoples of the Southwest”.
16. What did the people of the plains use for shelter?
17. What animal was the primary food source for the plains Indians?
18. Who first brought the horse to the Americas?
19. What is a federation?
20. What five Iroquois nations located in the northeast created the Iroquois
21. In the 1500’s the five Iroquois groups established the ______________ ____________.
22. What was the purpose of the Iroquois Grand Council?
23. Who chose the delegates to the Grand Council?
24. What crops did the people of the southeast grow?
25. The arrival of who in the 1500’s changed the Native American’s life forever?

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