United States Map Test Review

Know the location and names of the 50 states.

Know the capital for each state.

Be able to label Canada & Mexico

Water – Be able to name and locate the following bodies of water or rivers:

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Alaska

Bering Strait

Chesapeake Bay

Great Salt Lake

Lake Superior

Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

Lake Erie

Lake Ontario

Lake Champlain

Colorado River

Platte River

Mississippi River

Missouri River

Ohio River

Rio Grande

Columbia River

Snake River

Hudson River

St. Lawrence River

Yukon River

Red River

Arkansas River

Tennessee River

Sacramento River

Physical Features – Know where the following physical features are located:

Sierra Nevada Mtns.

Rocky Mtns.

Appalachian Mtns.

Great Plains

Great Basin

Cities – Know where on a map the following cities would be found:

New York City


Washington D.C.


Salt Lake City

San Diego

Los Angeles

San Francisco

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