Principles of Government Worksheet


Each statement below illustrates one of the seven principles of the Constitution.
Read each statement then identify the principle involved.  You may review pages 218-220 if needed.

Popular Sovereignty
Limited Power of Government
Separation of Powers
Checks and Balances
Individual Rights

1.    __________________________ The power to govern comes from the people.
2.    __________________________  The people elect representatives to make laws and conduct government.
3.    __________________________  Congress makes laws for the nation.
4.    __________________________  The President and all other government officials must obey the law like all American citizens.
5.    __________________________  Voters in Virginia elected the first black governor to office in 1989
6.    __________________________  The Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional.
7.    __________________________  Congress cannot make a law that violates freedom of speech.
8.    __________________________  The powers of the national government are distributed among three branches of government.
9.    __________________________  The government cannot arrest a person unless that person has violated a law.
10.    __________________________  State and local governments supervise the public school system
11.    __________________________  The Senate can refuse to approve a treaty that the President has negotiated.
12.    __________________________  The President can veto a bill that has been approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate.
13.    __________________________  The President is commander in chief of the military.
14.    __________________________  States can make marriage laws for their state.
15.    __________________________  Amendment 19 gave women the right to vote.
16.    __________________________  The national and state governments can conduct elections.
17.    __________________________  Congress passes a law forbidding abortions in all situations, but  the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional.
18.    __________________________  Congress can impeach and remove the President for improper conduct.
19.    _________________________  Congress can coin money.
20.    _________________________ Congress approved of President Reagan’s appointment of Sandra Day O’Conner to the Supreme Court.
21.    _________________________  A President can only serve two terms.
22.    _________________________  Governments get their power from the consent of the governed.
23.    _________________________  In 2000, Americans chose George Bush as President.
24.    _________________________  The Government has only those powers granted by the people and stated in the Constitution.

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