Notes “Foreigners who helped in Revolution”


Marquis de Lafayette – French leader who became a General and trusted aid to Washington.  He brought & paid for French soldiers to come and he used much of his own personal fortune to help.

Baron Friedrich von Steuben – German leader who drilled and trained American soldiers and trained them to fight like the Europeans.
Haym Salomon – Polish Jew who spied for the Americans, became a general for the French and helped finance the war.

Thaddeus Kosciusko – From Poland who joined the Americans & fought for liberty.  U.S. gave him 500 acres in Ohio.  He returned to Europe to fight for freedom in Poland, France, and Russia.  He sold his land to buy freedom for slaves.

Casimir Pulaski – A cavalry officer from Poland who joined the Americans.

Juan de Miralles – From Spain, urged Spain, Cuba and Mexico to give financial aid to America.

Bernardo de Galvez – Governor of the Spainish territory of Louisiana.  Loaned thousands of dollars to America and opened port of New Orleans to America.  1779 Spain declared war on Britain, Galvez raised an army and marched on British posts along the lower Mississippi River.  One of the greatest contributions by defeating the British at Pensacola, the British capital of West Florida.

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