Louisiana Purchase Map Instructions


Use page 284 in “The American Journey” book, or an atlas to fill out the map.

1.  Draw in and label the United States in 1803 according to page 284 and color YELLOW.  Make sure to draw in all states and label them.
2.  Draw the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory, label it and color it GREEN.
3.  Draw the boundaries of Oregon Country, label it and color it BLUE.
4.  Draw the boundaries of the Spanish area, label it and color it BROWN.
5.  Draw the route of Lewis and Clark Expedition in PURPLE.
6.  Draw the return route of Lewis and Clark Expedition in RED.
7.  Draw the route of Pike in BLUE.
8.  Draw in the following rivers and bodies of water, label them and color them BLUE.
Pacific Ocean        Gulf of Mexico        Atlantic Ocean
Lake Superior        Lake Michigan        Lake Huron
Lake Erie            Lake Ontario        Columbia River
Great Salt Lake        Colorado River        Rio Grande
Missouri River        Mississippi River        Platte River
Ohio River            Arkansas River        Red River

9.  Draw in the following mountain ranges label them and color them BROWN.
Sierra Nevada    Rocky Mountains        Appalachian Mountains

10. Locate the following cities or places and label them.
St. Louis        New Orleans        Santa Fe
Pikes Peak        Fort Mandan        Fort Clatsop

11.  Draw in the borders and label British Canada and color PINK.
12.  Who was President of the United States during the Louisiana Purchase?
13.  How much did the United States pay for Louisiana?
14.  Who acted as guide and interpreter for Lewis and Clark?
15.  What river did Lewis and Clark follow?
16.  What country did we purchase Louisiana from?

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