Events Leading to War of 1812-Notes

1.    France & Britain are at war.
a.    U.S. traded with both & profited greatly.
b.    Both Britain & France tried to cut off trade to the other.
c.    U.S. claims neutrality, but is ignored.
d.    U.S. ships are seized and American sailors are forced to serve in the British Navy (impressment).
2.    U.S.  passes the Embargo Act >>> which forbade exports and imports from all countries.  Intended to hurt France & Britain but hurts U.S. the worst.
3.    Congress replaces Embargo Act with Nonintercourse Act.  >>>>  U.S. could trade with all nations except Britain & France until they stopped seizing U.S. ships and sailors.
a.    In 1810 Napoleon (France) agreed to respect U.S. rights.
4.    War Hawks in Congress – Henry Clay & John Calhoun urged U.S. to go to war with Britain.
5.    Indians are furious at settlers moving onto lands.  Tecumseh & his brother “The Prophet” take a stand & organize many Native American tribes into a Confederation to protect Indian lands & rights.
a.    Governor William Henry Harrison attacked Tecumseh tribe while Tecumseh is away (Battle of Tippecanoe).
b.    Tecumseh goes to Canada to speak with British and join Native Americans with the British if they go to war with U.S.
6.  June 18, 1812 President Madison asks Congress to declare war on Britain due to pressure from Congress & angry Americans.

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