Chapter 6 Worksheet Section 1 & 2


Section 1

1.    What was a Patriot?
2.    Give three advantages the British had over the Americans.

3.    Give two advantages the Americans had over the British.

4.    Who were the Loyalists or Tories?
5.    What percent of Americans remained loyal to Britain?
6.    What are mercenaries?
7.    What country did most of the mercenaries come from?
8.    What did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley do to help the war effort?
9.    How did Deborah Sampson help?
10.    Who won the Battle of Long Island?
11.    What were Nathan Hale’s famous last words?

12.    Who wrote “The American Crisis”?
13.    Why did Washington have  “The American Crisis” read to his troops?
14.     Why was the total number of soldiers in the Continental Army decreasing?
15.    Why were enslaved African Americans not allowed to enlist in the war?

16.    When did Washington cross the Delaware River to surprise the enemy at Trenton?
17.    Who surrendered to the Patriots on October 17, 1777?
Section 2
18.    Why was the Battle of Saratoga a turning point in the war?

19.    How did France help in the Revolutionary War?

20.    What other countries gave aid to America?
21.    Where did Washington and his troops spend the winter of 1777-1778?
22.    What were conditions like during that winter?

23.    During this winter many men _______________________, or left without permission.

24.    Where did the British spend the winter?
25.    Which Frenchman helped the Patriots in their cause?
26.    Which German officer came to help Washington train his troops?
27.    How did Congress try to pay for the war?

28.    What does this cause?
29.    Define inflation –
30.    In 1778 Governor William Livingston of New Jersey asked the legislature to do what?

31.    Which states attempted to end slavery?

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