Chapter 11 Test Review


Know the definitions to the following words:
favorite son            majority            plurality
mudslinging            suffrage            bureaucracy
spoils system            caucus                tariff
nullify                secede                relocate
guerrilla tactics        veto                depression

Know the following:
1.    How many candidates were in the election of 1824?
2.    Who received a plurality of votes?
3.    If no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, who then chooses the President?
4.    Who was elected in 1824?
5.    What was the corrupt bargain Andrew Jackson accused Adams of making?
6.    What three reasons why the people liked Andrew Jackson.
7.    What two new political parties developed during this time?
8.    What was the Supreme Court’s decision dealing with the Cherokee?
9.    What was the journey called where the Cherokee Nation were relocated to Oklahoma?
10.    Which tribe successfully resisted their removal to the Indian Territory?  What state were they from?
11.    What was Jackson’s biggest enemy?
12.    What did the Panic of 1837 cause?
13.    What happened to William Henry Harrison after he was elected?
14.    Who was the first vice-president to become the president through the line of succession?
15.    What was William Henry Harrison’s slogan?
16.    What was the Indian Removal Act?
Know the following people and their significance:
Black Hawk            Osceola                    Winfield Scott
James Marshall      John C. Calhoun        Daniel Webster
John Quincy Adams

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